Forage curated guide to Ottawa

Hackdays Fall 2013

Forage is a curated guide to the best things to do in Ottawa. Whether you are looking for a restaurant, bar or just something to do, it's in here. You can filter by walking distance, taxi ride, or even by taste.

Forage is a Shopify Hackdays project I worked on with Brittany Forsyth (copywriting), Edward Ocampo Gooding (web dev), Courtney Simmons (copy), Serena Ngai (web design),Ian Mortier (logo and web design) and Holly Schofield (building illustrations). We built a both a website and a brochure to accompany it.

You can check out the website at if you'd like.

I worked on print material design and map illustrations. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. If you'd like to view or download the map, you can check out the PDF here.